Chimney Mechanix Owner Interviewed by Green Bay Press Gazette

Owner, Jasper Drengler
Owner, Jasper Drengler

“Jasper Drengler, owner of Chimney Mechanix in Shawano, said a good rule of thumb is that a chimney needs cleaning if it is coated with more than an eighth of an inch of a creosote.

One thing that causes thick creosote build-up is burning wet wood….

Owners of gas fire places are not out of the woods, though.

Drengler said the most common misconception about gas fireplaces is that they do not produce creosote.

“Over time, gas fireplaces can produce a beautiful yellow flame,” Drengler said. “But this yellow flame is not efficient and burns dirtier than a blue flame.”

Animal nesting poses another hazard. It is not only flammable, but it also prevents smoke from  escaping from the top of the chimney…..

Drengler, who is also vice president of the National Chimney Sweep Guild, suggests consumers research top-rated chimney sweeps in the area and check to see whether they are certified by logging on to

“Wisconsin currently doesn’t require chimney sweeps to be certified,” Drengler said. “Less than 10 percent are.”

Both Maynard and Drengler agree chimney maintenance is about investing now to save time, money and, possibly, lives in the future.”

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